Low Price Nd:YAG Solid State Laser for Laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy

Portable, Low Price

Modelo: LAS0070S2016

Brand: Sepradel (TM) 

Technical characteristics

Solid State Pulsed Laser Nd: YAG Applications in LIBS Spectroscopy, research of new materials.

 Flashlamp-Pumped Nd:YAG Laser.
 Trigger and Delay Generator Included, with USB control (not computer dependent).
 Small Size 94mm x 105mm x 135mm (with Silicone Protectors included).
 Model LAS0070S2016-01, Brand Sepradel™.
 Passive Q-Switch.
 Wavelength 1064 nm.
 frequency of 1 shot / 20 s.
 Laser pulse energy 60 mJ ~ 70 mJ.

 Multiple Power options: USB bus / cell charger, external battery or wall mount power supply.
 Pushbutton manual Trigger.
 TTL Input Trigger.
 TTL Output sync with Programmable Delay.
 Threaded flange -Thorlabs SM1F1- for easy connection of optical parts, such as tubes lens holder.
 Control application developed in LabVIEW™.