Low Cost Pinholes

Cu-FR4 Pinholes

Low Price ($4 USD) Single Pinhole Sizes from Ø250 µm to Ø4 mm (±0.08mm), Mounted in Ø1" Disks.

Material Copper, on Fiberglass (FR4). Copper has a HASL type termination, so that on the disc around the pinhole can be welded some mechanical component.

If you need another dimension or exterior shape, contact us to attend your order (between 10 and 20 days to get a personalized order for this product).

Typical Applications:

  • As low cost spatial filters
  • filter and screen for laser pointers during alignment of laser mirrors
  • The 1-inch discs are compatible with optical tubes from the manufacturer Thorlabs, so they can be easily integrated into existing optical systems
  • Openings to reduce irradiance on an optical sensor, among other applications.


 P250S - Ø1" Disk, 250 ± 80 µm Pinhole Diameter

 P400S - Ø1" Disk, 400 ± 80 µm Pinhole Diameter

P500S - Ø1" Disk, 500 ± 80 µm Pinhole Diameter

P1000S - Ø1" Disk, 1000 ± 80 µm Pinhole Diameter

P3000S - Ø1" Disk, 3000 ± 80 µm Pinhole Diameter

P4000S - Ø1" Disk, 4000 ± 80 µm Pinhole Diameter