Hall Effect Current Sensor Module LPCS400

Hall Effect Current Sensor Module LPCS400

This device is a fully isolated circuit consisting of a Hall effect current sensor with voltage output in the range of 1.5V - 3.5V linearly proportional to current in the range of -400A to +400A. The module gives a voltage output proportional to the instantaneous current, it does not perform any RMS conversion. The module also provides a general-purpose optocoupled output, which can be used, for example, to synchronize the reading of an oscilloscope with current pulses. The module power supply is isolated from the outputs via an isolated DC-DC source. The module has an aperture of 15 mm wide by 8 mm high through which a cable or bus bar can be passed to measure the intensity of its electrical current.

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Datasheet and Media

Download LPCS400 Datasheet

Download STEP 3D model

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Typical Applications:

  • UPS
  • Welding machines
  • Servo-Drivers and AC and DC drivers
  • Power Supplies
  • Flash Lamp Pumped Laser Current Monitoring
  • battery energy management systems to control charge and discharge current
  • PWM (Pulse Width Modulated) to control system output current control


  • Excellent accuracy
  • Very good linearity
  • Low temperature drift
  • Wide frequency bandwidth
  • No insertion loss
  • High Immunity To External Interference
  • Optimised response time
  • Current overload capability


  • Open Loop type
  • Unipolar power supply
  • Aperture for cable or bus bar
  • Insulated plastic case according to UL94V0
  • Low price ($73.00 USD)