High Voltage (1kV) Capacitor Charger CCPS-2018-01

High Voltage (1kV) Capacitor Charger for Laser Applications

Model: CCPS-2018-01

Brand: Sepradel™

Technical characteristics


The CCPS-2018-01 module is based on the Fly-Back electronic topology and is designed to quickly charge a capacitor or bank of these at a maximum voltage of 1kV. The "CHARGE" signal is used to initiate a new charge cycle and can be kept active for as long as necessary until the desired voltage or maximum module voltage is reached. The CCPS-2018-01 modules ordered with a maximum load voltage of 350 V have an end-of-charge indication on the "DONE" signal. On CCPS-2018-01 modules with no voltage limitation at 350 V, the user must monitor the load voltage in the capacitor bank to stop the load at the potential required by the application and without exceeding 1 kV.

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 Charging at 1016V 80uF in 1s. The reading was made using a x4 voltage divider. The module was powered from a sealed 12VDC and 12Ah Pb-Acid battery.

CCPS-2018-01 charger curve 80uF to 1kV, 1s (volt scale 1/4)

high Voltage (1kV) capacitor charger