In Mexico, and much of our continent, investment in science and technology is lower than recommended by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). This means that the quality of research is affected by the lack of access to foreign services and technologies.
The above, among other reasons, are the driving force behind our development, our passion, because we believe that you must have the best tools that allow you to concentrate on your research, to develop the materials of the future and be competitive in the face of current challenges.

Our company was officially founded in November 2015. We designs and manufactures solid state laser equipment (Nd: YAG, Er: YAG) for applications such as:

  • micro-welding,
  • thin layer coating or deposition (PLD),
  • materials analysis, through laser induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS).

Spectral techniques are among the most versatile and richest for research and development of new materials. The laser also provides a high degree of flexibility in the study of samples in any state of aggregation, so our passion to provide you with appropriate equipment for this purpose.

In addition to the development of laser equipment and accessories for spectroscopy, we provide product development services to other companies.

Looking forward to hearing from you and your project,

Sincerely, Yohan Pérez Moret, founder of "Solutions and Technologies of Embedded Control SAPI de CV"​.