Trigger Adapter for Ocean Optics Spectrometers

Trigger Adapter for Ocean-Optics Spectrometers

The trigger adapter "OOTRIGGER" is a simple plug adapter. On the one hand it connects to an Optical Spectrophotometer from Ocean Optics, and on the other hand it provides a BNC connector to enter the trigger signal.

The device only makes use of the trigger signal of the connected spectrometer. This is useful, for example, in applications that require synchronizing the capture of an optical spectrum with the ignition of a flash lamp; Or with the emission of a plasma, as in Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy ( LIBS ).

OOTrigger is compatible with the following spectrometer models:

Hr2000+, Hr4000, NIRQuest Series, Qe65000, USB2000+, USB4000, Jaz, Hr2000

Portable Nd:YAG Solid State Laser for Laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy

Model: LAS0070S2016

Brand: Sepradel™

Technical characteristics

Solid State Pulsed Laser Nd: YAG Applications in LIBS Spectroscopy, research of new materials.

  • Wavelength 1064 nm
  • Pulse width (FWHM) 10 ns
  • NO TEM00
  • Flashlamp-Pumped Nd:YAG Laser.
  • Trigger and Delay Generator Included, with USB control (not computer dependent).
  • Small Size 94mm x 105mm x 135mm (with Silicone Protectors included).
  • Model LAS0070S2016-01, Brand Sepradel™.
  • Passive Q-Switch.
  • Wavelength 1064 nm.
  • Frequency of 1 shot / 60 s.
  • Laser pulse energy 60 mJ ~ 70 mJ.
  • Multiple Power options: USB bus / cell charger, external battery or wall mount power supply.
  • Pushbutton manual Trigger, TTL Input Trigger.
  • TTL Output sync with Programmable Delay.
  • Threaded flange -Thorlabs SM1F1- for easy connection of optical parts, such as tubes lens holder.
  • Control application developed in LabVIEW™. 

Nd:YAG Solid State Laser for Laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy


Brand: Sepradel™

Technical characteristics

  • Wavelength 1064 nm
  • Pulse width (FWHM) 10 ns
  • NO TEM00
  • Solid State Pulsed Laser Nd: YAG Applications in LIBS Spectroscopy, research of new materials or growth of thin layers by PLD, among others.
  • 1Hz shooting frequency.
  • 60mJ of energy per pulse.
  • Water cooling, simmer operation.
  • Dual power Supply, DC and/or AC. If the AC source fails, the laser automatically switches to the direct current source; So the operation is uninterrupted.

Low Cost Pinholes

Cu-FR4 Pinholes

Low Price ($4 USD) Single Pinhole Sizes from Ø250 µm to Ø4 mm (±0.08mm), Mounted in Ø1" Disks.

Material Copper, on Fiberglass (FR4). Copper has a HASL type termination, so that on the disc around the pinhole can be welded some mechanical component.

If you need another dimension or exterior shape, contact us to attend your order (between 10 and 20 days to get a personalized order for this product).

Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy Measurement System for UV, Visible, and IR Wavelengths 

LIBS-LAS0070S-VIS (350 - 700 nm)
LIBS-LAS0070S-IR (500 - 1000 nm)
LIBS-LAS0070S-EXT (200 - 1000 nm)

Brand: Sepradel™ 

Pulse Delay Generator

Pulse Delay Generator DG-3O1I-17 With touch screen and USB

The DG-3O1I-17 Delay Generator (Synchronization Module) has Three TTL output channels and one Input Chanel. Each output is configurable in terms of the delay, relative to one edge of the input pulse. The duration of the pulse or pulse width and the type of output logic (positive or negative), are also configurable. The high speed and synchronism of this equipment, is due to the use of a FPGA device and a oscillator of high precision.

The touch screen start menu has an area that serves to put the logo and some text of the client or his laboratory; consult the user manual for more information on the size of the image to customize the product.

Delay Range: 0.1 us - 6553.5 us.
Delay resolution: 0.1 us.
Pulse width Range: 0 us - 65535 us.
Pulse width resolution: 1 us.

In a typical application of Laser Control for Spectroscopy, the outputs can be used as follows:
Output A: Flash Lamp Trigger
Output B: Optical Spectrometer-Trigger
Output C: Electro-Optic Q-Switch Trigger

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