Trigger Adapter for Ocean Insight Spectrometers

HDX-Trigger Adapter for Ocean Insight (former Ocean-Optics) Spectrometers

The trigger adapter "HDX-TRIGGER" is a simple plug adapter. It has a BNC trigger input and a BNC output to sense the strobe signal, which indicates when the spectrometer enters integration. On the other hand it uses the 40-pin DD4 connector facing the spectrometer. The trigger input and the strobe output have overvoltage protection.

Internally the module converts the levels of the TTL input trigger to 3.3V levels and vice versa, so it is compatible with any of the mentioned spectrometers

The HDX-TRIGGER is useful in applications that require synchronizing the capture of an optical event, as in Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS).

Additionally it has a push button switch to generate a manual trigger. This is useful to easily test that the spectrometer and its software on the computer are active and capturing spectra.

HDX-TRIGGER is compatible with the following spectrometer models:

Ocean HDX, Ocean FX, Flame-S, Flame-T, Flame-NIR.