Synchronization Module

Pulse Delay Generator DG-3O1I-17 With touch screen and USB

The DG-3O1I-17 Delay Generator (Synchronization Module) has Three TTL output channels and one Input Chanel. Each output is configurable in terms of the delay, relative to one edge of the input pulse. The duration of the pulse or pulse width and the type of output logic (positive or negative), are also configurable. The high speed and synchronism of this equipment, is due to the use of a FPGA device and a oscillator of high precision.

The touch screen start menu has an area that serves to put the logo and some text of the client or his laboratory; consult the user manual for more information on the size of the image to customize the product.

Delay Range: 0.1 us - 6553.5 us.
Delay resolution: 0.1 us.
Pulse width Range: 0 us - 65535 us.
Pulse width resolution: 1 us.

In a typical application of Laser Control for Spectroscopy, the outputs can be used as follows:
Output A: Flash Lamp Trigger
Output B: Optical Spectrometer-Trigger
Output C: Electro-Optic Q-Switch Trigger

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Datasheet and Media

Download DG-3O1I-17 User Manual (English version)

Download DG-3O1I-17 User Manual (Spanish version)

Typical Applications

  • Synchronization of laser and spectrometers in laser-induced plasma spectroscopy (LIBS) experiments
  • Precise control of commercial lasers such as Quantel or Spectra Physics


  • Touch display with simple to use menu
  • low cost
  • USB bus isolated from the input and outputs
  • truly independent outputs
  • FPGA-based equipment


Example Settings

With laser from Spectra Physics 

With Quantel ICE450 laser

Detecting high speed laser pulse (~ 10ns) to trigger an optical spectrometer


Delay Generator being used in LIBS (Photo taken during set-up at the Instituto Politécnico Nacional IPN-CICATA Altamira, Tamaulipas, México)

Delay Generator being used in LIBS spectral installation, with a Sepradel Passive Q-Switch laser